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About Us

“A feast for the eyes …”

Sumptuous, elegant, opulent and glamorous are the first words to spring to mind at the sight of a Beatrice von Tresckow garment.

Beatrice has drawn from her exotic upbringing in Afghanistan, Africa and India then fused flair, talent and years of design experience to create a look that is truly unique.

Her garments, whether formal or casual, are easily distinguished by the combination of rich, colourful, highly textured fabrics and hand finished beading and embroidery, will catch the eye of the woman who wants something really special in her wardrobe.

Beatrice leads her wonderful team from the front and you can catch her at her Portobello Road storeĀ in London’s Notting Hill Gate, at her Cheltenham store in Montpellier, or at her latest branch in Charlottenburg, Berlin. Her website diary shows she is often on the road with her collection, throughout the UK and in her native Germany.

How long have you been established

Since 1996.

Where do you ship to?

We ship all across the world